Thursday, July 07, 2005

We are all Britons Today

Today, July 7, 2005, terrorists attacks took unconfirmed numbers of lives of innocent people during rush hour. The first attack was at 8:50 am, London time. There were 6 or more bombs well organized in specific places and at specific times.

Captain Ed has written a very good tribute about this day's situation. I applaud him. We shall not be the fairweathered friends, such as France and Germany, who will stand with you only as long as you continue to play victim. Bravo, Cpt.

I have also published my notes as it was being reported as it happened. You may read them here. I have also written an article to those who choose to try to blame this on America and/or Tony Blair and/or the Iraq war. I have had it with the naysayers. I can only be pushed so far. After all, I am only human.

What will I do about it? That is a very good question. Maybe I will just use one of their tactics and shout them down? Call the traitors? Tell them to leave the greatest land that has offered them everything they own? Oh, I don't quite