Thursday, July 07, 2005

Do Not Blame America

I started this site to counter the Hate America First crowd. I have tried to stay clear of them, and write about things that are true but not blaming America. You have forced my hand.

I must now tell you that while I am writing about counter terrorism, I had the occasion to receive comments from an Iranian who is now telling me that I will find out soon how wrong I am about America. Yes indeed, he said. He was going to prove it to me.
you mean the shiaz genocide done by saddam, the same shia rebellion u.s. backed but then chickened out when it was too afraid that an islamic republic much like iran would come in to power. so america led them be slaughtered.

never in history of mankind a country has invaded another country in order to free its people without actually conquering and annexing the land to its own empire and stealing its riches. i dont think america is in a position that can say it is helping deomcracy movements because in the same time committing crimes against humanity, abu graib, guantonomo, fallujah, and many other prisons which are secret. and also afghanistan abuses.

Look rosemary, you can believe all you want, but a time will come that you realize how wrong you were. will you be expressing your anger against ur government then, or will u be another of those americans who would never admit it. there are still many americans who dont admit america committed crimes against humanity in vietnam. i guess iraq war would be no exception.

and I know in fact you will realize how wrong you were. I promise you this.
This is just one of the comments. I also have his postings which I will not release his address.
Nuclear Iran

Have you ever stopped short and thought that Iranian nuclear program is actually good for us? Even if they are going to build a nuclear bomb. Iran can benefit a lot more than all the pessimistic views expressed on this.

Yes, if Iran makes a bomb, there is a possibility of Israeli and american strike on Iran. That's where our military might comes to contradict that scenario. Iran already has chemical and biological weapons and can deliver them via covert means or long range missiles such as the infamous Shahab 3, or maybe even the Shahab 4, which are capable of striking all of Israeli and american bases in the Middle East. So the west should watch out with what they do.

Another option the west and america has is to put even more harsher sanctions on Iran. This is where China and Russia come in. China is increasingly dependent on Iranian oil for its energy thirsty economy, and Russia wants a powerful ally in the Middle East in order to achieve its own interests. These two countries will probably veto such move on Security Council. Iran for its part might abandon its commitments to IAEA and pull out.

Iran recently announced that it will build a university for nuclear research. This will benefit those Iranians who have interests in this field and won't feel discriminated by foreign universities which distrust Iranians.

Iranians will not stop their enrichment program, and should not. It is economically smarter and more beneficial to enrich your own Uranium, since it is more expensive to buy or borrow from others. And so what if Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

The american and Israelis stress that the regime will use them once it gets them. Iran has many weapons of mass destruction, how come they are not using them now? Iran right now has the capacity to wipe out Israel. But attacking Israel is strategically stupid even the Mullahs know this. So that scenario which is being stressed by Washington will not happen either. Another excuse is that Iran will give them to terrorists. That is also stupid. Iran will not spend millions just to give them to some terrorists to blow up a city. Iran knows once this happens, america will use it as an excuse to launch its own nuclear weapons in retaliation (By brainwashing its people into thinking Iran was responsible therefore they have every right to retaliate, same crap used after 9-11).

After the revolution Ayatollah Khomeini banned Shah's nuclear program saying that it is "against Islam". But after war with Iraq, the Iranian leaders realized that there should be a WMD program so Iran would never be attacked again. Surely nuclear weapons are part of this purely defensive program. They will be built in order to scare of any foreign aggression and also bring balance of power between the Muslim countries and the state of Israel (which is well over armed with nuclear weapons). North Korean nuclear bomb just gave them a huge security insurance that america would not invade (although it is not really proven that North Korea has the bomb). Regarding that, the american administration is taking the soft approach now, and obviously would not ever invade North Korea.

So a nuclear program is economically good for Iran's advancement, and also a nuclear weapons program is good for Iran's defense for this new age of world order. Besides building unconventionaly war machince such as nuclear weapons is way cheaper than building up conventional military.
Now, until you go to the school of hard knox, I do not want to hear anything from you. Not a peep. Nothing. I am so angry right now I could kill a terrorist. Then again, I don't have to be angry to do that. What about you? Are you capable of protecting this nation which has been so good to you? If not, shut up and get the hell out of the way. (Please excuse my language. I have taken the proper steps. It isn't funny, but I did that before the attacks.)

Update: Here is another idiot for you:
what goes around comes around.
Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade 07.07.05 - 10:51 am
So, do you believe what this idiot says, or do you remember September 11, 2001? I would really like to know, because you are either with the Brits, USA and the west or you are with the terrorists. No 3 ways about it.
Update 2: Captain Ed also has an article about people who choose to blame America, even on a day like today. He asks this question: What did Egypt do to deserve having their diplomat beheaded? It is a very good article, and I recommend you take the time to read it. Thank you.