Friday, August 10, 2007

NYPD Steps Up Dirty Bomb Precautions

The controversy: Arab-American civil rights groups swiftly criticized a New York City Police Department report that warns of a potential threat of "radicalization" among young, legal, male immigrants from the Middle East who grow disillusioned with life in America.

The groups accused the NYPD of stereotyping and of contradicting recent federal warnings that the chief terror threat remains foreign.

The NYPD report released Wednesday concluded that homegrown terrorists in the making _ a mounting threat as grave as that from established terror groups like al-Qaeda _ were shown to have particular traits. Source: Newsday

Here is the link to the report: NYPD: Radicalization of the West. Homegrown Islamic Terrorism

Bos'un's observation regarding the matter. The criticism is Baloney. The truth hurts but must be addressed. The brothers and sisters who criticized the release of the report must become proactive in solutions to the problem.

The safety of America is in ALL of our hands, Muslim, Christian, atheists, conservative, liberal, socialists, Americans.


Wake up America. You may find yourself in a Déjà Vu experience thinking you are in Tel Aviv.