Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Richard Reid the Shoe Bomber: Jail is where Allah wants me


This is the first extraordinary picture of maniac Shoe Bomber Richard Reid behind bars as he dreams that Allah will set him free.

Richard Reid in prison photo courtesy of icnetwork, UK

The UK Mirror has exclusively seen prison letters from the 33-year-old Briton who is serving 110 years in a US jail for trying to bomb nearly 200 air passengers out of the sky.

He never once expresses remorse or regret for his vile crime. Instead, he rambles that "everything which occurs in this life contains some good for us".

But though the simple-minded street mugger turned zealous Muslim convert believes he will be rewarded in heaven he fantasies of freedom on earth.

Declaring his belief that God will make his delusional hopes come true, he writes: "I had a couple of good dreams about my situation changing for the better in the not so distant future, so this is a blessing from Allah.

"I place my trust in Allah that he will bring that into fruition and ask him to give me patience until the time when that occurs."

Al-Qaeda trained Reid is serving his time in ADX Florence, a Supermax jail in Colorado where he is so reviled by inmates he lives in virtual isolation.

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Ala Akbarf,