Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nicolas Sarkozy and Amérique

As widely expected, Nicolas Sarkozy won the election on May 6. New French president is regarded pro-American, but there are some differences in foreign and defense policy. On Iraq, Sarkozy remains equivocal whether to support US led operations there or not. He is against Turkey’s long cherished quest for EU membership, which is at odds with American and British policy.

More importantly, the chasm between Old Europe and New Europe emerges again. While East European nations accept the missile defense system endorsed by the United States and Britain, France and Germany oppose this project.

Whatever the gaps are, emotional conflicts as it happened over the Iraq War must be avoided. As the Economist points out, mutual antipathy is no help for both sides.

Contrary to national security issues, economic relations between both countries will develop as Sarkozy is willing to endorse deregulation. He is the right person for this job, rather than ENA (École Nationale d’Administration) bound bureaucrats like Jacques Chirac. American companies are keen to seize the opportunity to expand their business.

It remains to be seen whether Nicolas Sarkozy can re-establish positive transatlantic partnership or not. The Iraq War has posed negative legacies between America and Europe. In any case, Sarkozy is a leader for new era.

For detail, see the post on my blog, “Sarkozy Peut Améliorer les Relations Franco-Américaines?”.

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