Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day 27 May 2007

Today my heart is filled with sadness. I know it is not supposed to be, but I have never lied to you before. I am not about to start now. I have decided to share with you some prior Memorial Day posts. I hope you enjoy them.
Tomorrow is Memorial Day. At 3 pm, the nation will take one minute out of the year for a moment of silence to reflect on all the sacrifices made to preserve our freedoms. I think we should do this more often, but I hope you join me tomorrow at 3 pm, wherever you are.

Blackfive has a very moving and somber article about tomorrow. Please take the time to read it. They took the time for us.

To all the Viet Nam Vets: Welcome home.

La di da La di da La di da. La di da Da di da Da di da da. Da da di Da da di da. Da di di Da di da da di da da. Didada dadidada.

Well, you get the idea. (Sorry about that. I just looked at it, and it does NOT make sense. And I'm the one who wrote it! lol)

That is (was supposed to be) my parade for you. I know it is simple and probably off tune, but I wanted to at least do something.

Thank you to all of you who have risked it all to keep us free. I appreciate all your sacrifices. That includes you, too, family members and other loved ones. Thank you so very much.

Update: Greyhawk has a moving post today. You will surely be blessed by reading it. You may even find peace. After all, isn't that what we all want?

Update: Smash has a wonderful coverage of some heroes you would be proud to have met. If you want to know what is going on in the hearts of our vets this day, read this article. You will understand why they love each other so much.

Yes, they are proud to serve the greatest country in the world. Yes, they miss their families. Yes, they have their own points of view. Yet, they all come together when the time is necessary to protect you and me. These are remarkable men and women.

Be proud that they live amongst us, and be honored they chose to protect us. Be grateful they sacrificed for us, and do not forget their loved ones they have left behind.

This is a day of mixed emotions for them. They are grateful their loved one(s) is being remembered, while at the same time would much rather have them here to celebrate this day. This may be healing or too painful. Only God knows, and only time can help, if at all. Pay your respects. Please.

Update: You should see the pictures over at Willisms. He also has some precious words for this remarkable day. Sometimes the shorter the words, the more they say. Go over and check it out.
This one was written May 29, 2005. This next one was written the next day of the same year.
I pray your Memorial Day was a happy and healthy one. I also pray for our men and women who were unable to join us either because they are on duty risking their lives, shuffling paper (that is important, too), or they just happen to be with the Father. Whatever the case, I remember you.

I thank you for all you have risked for me. I understand the struggle of the ones you leave behind...well, not really. How could I? I pray for the Peace that the world does not understand be upon them. Thank you all.

I feel so honored and humbled to live in a country where people would do this for me. Who am I? I am no one. I am everyone. What a great society in which we live. Where an idea is worth more than gold, a friend is true to the end, and we are free to believe in whomever we choose and how.

I believe in Jesus Christ. He has never failed me, while I cannot say the same for myself. I thank You, Lord, for this day. Please keep the USA's Military, their family's and other loved ones, and our coalition partners protected from harm and evil. Grant them coolness in the heat, heat in the cold, food that doesn't taste awful, grace, mercy, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, guidence, strength, and complete and total Victory over the enemy. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

I would like to link some other posts that are very special about today:
Michelle Malkin.
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There were actually more links, but they either are no longer accessible or they are included above.

It is my pray that our men and women in uniform are hidden underneath God's wings, that their families are provided for and well, and that each American remembers this day with the reverence it so richly deserves. Thank you for your service, God bless you, and welcome home.

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