Monday, February 19, 2007

Rep. Duncan Hunter for President in 2008

I have been watching Rep. Hunter's career for a long time now, and he has been campaigning for a while. He has not been hiding. He will give almost anyone an interview. So why haven't you about or from him? The Big Business Media wants to choose your candidate for you!

Are you really happy with the people and their politics that they have parading about like a little dog and pony show? I did not think so. Neither do I.

I find it despicable for anyone to define our candidates, and for that matter-the Democrats candidates, instead of allowing us the opportunity to get see them, hear them, and make up our own minds. Apparently, they do not believe we are able to handle this task. Either that, or they know we are and don't want us to do this.

Why could that be? Because we would choose the candidate which is most qualified and they would have no say in it. Thanks a heap, McCain.

Why am I supporting Rep. Duncan Hunter? You can go to his site and read up on his values and policies, but let me express my reasons.

Many people I've supported have a 'free' market ideology. I have a 'fair' trade belief. So does Rep. Hunter. It is refreshing to know that there is still a politian who believes America is the most important when it comes to trade. He does not trust China, and he knows they are cheating on trade. This will put to an end. He will also look at GATT and NAFTA. We are losing jobs to countries that are not friendly, nor are we doing better because of this.

He is pro-life, pro-border control, pro-defense of America, and pro-second amendment. He served in Viet Nam. His father served in WWII. His son has served 2 terms in far. He worked on the Armed Forces Committee while in Congress.

He agrees with many of us that we should not be giving immunity to illegally crossing border drug dealers just to imprison two of our border control officers whom were only doing their jobs.

Yes, I am supporting Duncan wholeheartedly and proudly. Won't you please listen to what he has said, and try to listen to him on the radio.

He appeared last night on Pundit Review Radio with Kevin and Gregg. You may listen to the interview. Actually, I recommend it! The program was especially good last night. (It's always good. That's why I said, "Especially...")

Duncan is also open to having bloggers and all of us work with him. Do your research well, then come and join the team. :)

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