Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Iranian Blogger needs our donations for cancer

I have known this man who is asking for donations to help another blogger so that he may receive the cancer treatment he needs to stay alive. He is a fine man (Winston). I do not know this particular blogger, but I know Winston. He would not ask if he did not believe it is a true need. Here is what he has written.
Financial assistance is urgently needed for the cancer treatment of Iranian blogger Arash Sigarchi.

Please spread the word!

درصورتیکه تمایل دارید در پرداخت هزینه جراحی آرش سیگاچی به وی کمک کنید و در ایران هستید می توانید به وبلاگ آرش رفته و به صورت حسابش مبلغ را واریز کنید. در صورتیکه در آمریکا و کانادا یا اروپا زندگی می کنید و از دکمه پی پل در سمت راست وبلاگ من استفاده کنید و در صورتیکه درباره این مطلب سوالی دارید می توانید باخود آرش سیگارجی تماس بگیرید
Please check out his site, pray about it, and help in any way you feel comfortable. See, they do not have health care in Iran. It is NOT a human right. If it were, we would have born with it! No, we are spoiled, and it is ruining us. I guess you could say we have a different type of cancer...

Thank you.

UPDATE: Winston has more information from an earlier post, and I thought you may like to know:
Iran is full of nice young bloggers and many of these young guys and girl are famous for their criticism of the Islamic regime and their absolute defiance in the face of this religious dictatorship. One of these brave bloggers is "Arash Sigarchi". Mr. Sigarchi is now serving jail time for bogus charges such as insulting the leader of the regime and espionage for the United States... etc. His charges are laughable and he doesn't deserve this situation at all. find more here.

He also lost his brother in a car accident last year while serving his 14 yr long jail time. His brother died in a terrible accident enroute to prison where Arash was being held.

Unofortunately, I found out that our brave blogger Arash is now diagnosed with Cancer and he is in dire need of assistance. By assistance, I mean any help he can get. Your help can, mostly, be in terms of money donation for his treatment which is expensive inside of Iran. You can also give medical advice, find a doctor or a hospital that would be willing to take him in for medical treatments and other assistance.

You can donate money using Paypal button in the right sidebar of this weblog. Please donate money and any amount you contribute is very much appreciated. I know that his treatment costs around 30,000 US dollars and we may never reach that point but we sure can help as much as possible. Any thing is appreciated.
I find it more comforting when I know more of the situation. I hope this helps you decide. Thank you for all you can do.