Friday, November 03, 2006

Democrats Do Not Want Fair Elections

The Democrats in America do not want fair elections. They know that if the people who are allowed to vote show up at the polls they will lose because their ideas are out of touch with the mainstream. This is why Democrats have perfected the art of getting dead people to the polls. It is amazing because the only elections where they do not scream about irregularities are the ones they win. They screamed about irregularities in Washington State until they had enough recounts and enough forged ballots to win. Then, they stopped crying and deemed the election fair. Despite the fact they cheated the fair winner, they were content because it is all about them being in power.

Democrats and their comrades in the ACLU are always happy to object to basic measures to establish a fair election. They oppose requiring an ID. To them this disenfranchises people and equates to a poll tax (which is a BS argument). In this society people require IDs and anyone who votes has one. But, any place that requires an ID will provide them for free and this is still not good enough. It is considered a burden to have a person get an ID to vote. Well I consider it a burden to have people vote who are not entitled to. I also think that if it is such a burden put the government ID stations in the liquor store and you will hit about anyone who needs an ID.

In Maryland, the Republican Party put out a guide for poll watchers. The booklet is designed to assist them in recognizing fraudulent behavior and instructs them in how to report it. It tells them some things to look for. The Democrats have gone ballistic and said this is a scare tactic to keep people from the polls. What Democrats are really afraid of is that all the folks they have voting multiple times will now not be able to do so. The guide book opens with a paragraph that explains that it is the job of the poll watchers to ensure each person who is entitled, gets to vote. Then it tells them:

The guide describes out how to challenge voters' credentials and urges volunteers to tell election judges they could face jail time if a challenge is ignored.

The G-O-P handbook, obtained by The Washington Post, states, "Your most important duty as a poll worker is to challenge people who present themselves to vote but who are not authorized to vote." WBAL

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this book. It has been used in the past. The Democrats know this will be a tight election and they are worried that their the tactics they used to win in the past will be nullified by astute workers. The Democrats, lead by Elijah Cummings, are decrying this as some method to intimidate voters. I can not understand this mentality because when there were problems in Florida, the donks said they wanted people who are entitled to vote to do so. When Maryland had problems in the primary, the donks demanded that things change so that people who are entitled to vote, vote. As soon as a party teaches its workers how to address fraud, they cry that this keeps people from voting.

To the Democrats, if a person comes in and does not know his middle name or date of birth, that is no problem. Let the guy vote, I mean you can't expect everyone to know that stuff. Besides, he is probably a veteran and John Kerry told us they are dumb. To a person who is truly concerned with the integrity of the process, this person needs to be checked a little closer. Republicans in Maryland know how Democratic fraud can change elections. We witnessed this in two recent Governor's races in which the losing Republican was beaten by all the dead folks who dragged themselves to the polls.

Democrats like Elijah Cummings and Ben Cardin cry about this as a scare tactic and Cardin said that we can all bet the books would not be used in Republican districts. Sure they will and they should. The Democrats have their version of this and it involves NAACP or Michael Moore types with cameras filming what goes on. This is definitely intimidating but Republicans do not cry because the bulk of the corruption lies with the Democratic party and that is why they oppose simple measures to ensure the integrity of the voting process.

The book provides people watching elections information to ensure that everything is fair. The Democrats do not want fair because they are obsessed with obtaining power. For the first time in many, many years Maryland is in play. Robert Ehrlich is in a dead heat with Martin O'Malley and Michael Steele is a few points behind Ben Cardin. The Democrats are bringing in all the big guns, most recently Clinton and Fox because this state's dynamics are changing and the pendulum is beginning to swing to the right. This is something they do not like so they will cheat every way possible.

I urge all election volunteers to enforce the rules completely. Do not allow the Democrats to intimidate you. If they intimidate you then they are likely breaking the law. Call the police and have them arrested. But whatever you do, you can not allow Cardin and Cummings or any other donk to intimidate you.

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