Saturday, September 23, 2006



Hugo Chavez overshadowed his freind Mahmoud Ahmedinejad at the UN, when it came to bashing Pres. Bush. However, Mahmoud did pray for the return of the Twelfth, or "hidden" Imam's return, at the end of his speech. This got thunderous applause from the assembly. Do they realize what they were applauding? Let's say that Pres. Bush had finished his speech with "We await the return of Jesus Christ, who will unite the world under God." He would be labeled a madman; a fundamentalist; a zealot, and much worse. The basic understanding is that Jesus' return signals the coming of Armageddon, which is feared by many people, for some reason. The return of the "hidden" Imam is has similar meaning to Shiites.

Hugo made the sign of the cross as he said that "the devil came here, right here" the day before. He said he could still smell the sulfur. Now, Pres. Bush didn't mention God, Jesus, or the devil at all in his speech. However, isn't the devil supposed to pose as an an agent of God? Who did that very thing, in that very place, the day before? Why, his good freind Ahmedinejad!

Whether you believe in Jesus, or the "Twelfth Imam," or don't believe in God at all, there is a simpler way to look at this. Ahmedinejad was condemning anyone who doesn't believe in his faith, and Chavez "demonized" Pres. Bush, who only called for freedom of speech, religion, and an end to terrorism and oppression over these issues. Who smells like sulphur here, Hugo?

PS: ABC NEWS is comparing Chavez' speech to Castro calling then-candidate JFK an "illiterate and ignorant millionaire." It does have a familiar ring to some of the epithets that have been hurled at our president, but it pales in comparison to this demonic duo.

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