Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I will always imagine seeing the "beams of light" when I look at lower Manhattan's nighttime landscape. Even if they build this "Freedom Tower," I will still see the twin lights shining up to the heavens. 9/11 included the attacks on the Pentagon, and the heroic passengers of Flight 93, both of whom share equal tribute on this day.

However, I am from NYC, born and raised. The WTC was, and is still, an icon of NYC. For it not to be rebuilt, opposite the footprints of the original, is a slap to the public will, as I've sampled it here. Until that happens, I'll keep seeing the beams of light, emanating from that sacred ground.

The first time I saw the "beams," I was on my second date with Anna, looking out the back window of a taxi driving across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was the night before their official "debut," and it seemed like they did it just for us. We talked about freinds we lost, and comforted each other.

It is hard for many NY'ers to grasp the global implications of that day, because we are torn between ignoring or obsessing over the threat of terrorism. Many of us think that NY gov't officials are SCARED TO BUILD ANYTHING on the WTC site. Larry Silverstien, the leaseholder, has rebuilt one building, 7 WTC. It's a hollow triumph of private enterprise over government bureaucracy.

Look for the "beams of light" on your news outlets. They've turned them on for the anniversary.