Saturday, August 05, 2006

This you've got to read to believe

Religious freedom judges blast infamous Ninth Circuit

The few good judges on the West Coast’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals are fed up with the majority of bad judges on the bench. On Monday, five judges issued a rare public opinion -- which they want you to read -- accusing their liberal colleagues of an anti-religious bias. The five judges say the Ninth Circuit is promoting censorship by refusing to hear the appeal of a Christian high school student.

The student, Tyler Harper, was barred from wearing a T-shirt about what the Bible says about homosexualityand homosexuality, despite his Poway, California high school allowing students to wearing pro-gay shirts. Last year, Harper lost when federal judge Stephen Reinhardt of Los Angeles (who’s married to ACLU activist Ramona Ripston) said the Biblical T-shirt might “cause young people to question their self-worth and their rightful place in society.” And now, because the appeals court – the infamous Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals -- is dominated by liberals, Harper’s right of appeal has been functionally denied.

“School administrators are now free to give one side of debatable public questions a free pass while muzzling voices raised in opposition,” Judge Diarmuid O'Scannlain wrote in his August 31 rebuke of the Ninth Circuit. “No Supreme court decision empowers our public schools to engage in such censorship nor has gone so far in favoring one viewpoint over another.”

Underneath the Ninth Circuit’s series of outrageous rulings, which includes removing “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance in 2002, is a strong Democrat core. Of the 12 federal appellate court districts in the United States, the Ninth Circuit has the most Democrats. Two-thirds (16 out of 24) of its active judges were appointed by a Democrat President.

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