Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On the Lighter Side

Okay. I did not write this, but it is so funny! This was written by Jack Lewis, a member of our site, and he kept me laughing. Read it, and see if you can picture this.

TITLE: Liberals deplore violence against cockroaches; push for diplomacy and negotiations.
SUMMARY: Hearing Liberals continue to defend terrorists while condemning Israel, always makes me think of this.


In an effort to end the latest barrage of violence toward cockroaches, Liberals are encouraging Americans to instead consider diplomacy and negations.

"We've got way too many cockroaches being killed, when few people really try simply sitting down and talking with them," said Democrat Senator John Kerry who yesterday called for sanctions against Americans who resort to violence without first completing a 15-step plan he has outlined for diplomatic normalization with cockroaches. A Senate vote is expected to split along party lines.

"Every time there's a dispute between people and cockroaches you'll always find that it's the people who've initiated the trouble," House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said during the house debate, "the cockroaches simply want to scurry out of the light, but the people stomp at them. We shouldn't tolerate such unwarranted violence." Pelosi has also argued in favor of economic sanctions against people who place the so-called cockroach "bait-traps" were innocent cockroaches might find them. "In a civilized world such devises should not exist," she was heard to say.

I must thank you, Jack. I needed this. lol.

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