Friday, April 07, 2006

My Open Letter To Congress

Immigration reform without amnesty for those here illegally is vitally important for the security and health of our nation.

I am for legal immigration of individuals who want to become American as demonstrated by their willingness to obey our laws, learn our history and language and assimilate into our national family. I truly admire those who wait years to enter legally and yearn to become true Americans. Immigrants strengthen our nation.

A bill designed to enforce our borders, using and funding all of the technology and manpower needed, must be passed now. The methods of dealing with illegal aliens already present should be carefully considered and not tied to the defense of our borders.

I am against rewarding the illegal aliens with any form of amnesty. Obviously we cannot deport millions of illegal aliens with ease so Congress must come up with policies and laws that will encourage people to return to their home countries to apply through legal steps for immigration to the USA. Increase legal immigration opportunities to allow a diverse cross section of good people to immigrate to include unskilled as well as skilled or highly educated immigrants.

The way to encourage illegal aliens to return home can be accomplished by making
it a felony to be here without documents. This felony will require deportation and make the individual ineligible for a work permit, green card, visa and any hope of a path to citizenship. Entering the US without appropriate documents or remaining here with expired documents will automatically invoke this penalty.. Pass the law, widely announce and explain the law and the date it will be put into effect. Stop granting citizenship to babies born here to parents who are non citizens For those who have dependent children who are citizens, issue work permits with no path to citizenship.. This is humane in that families would not be split up but would not reward illegal entry with amnesty.
Legal extensions of work permits, green cards or visas should be available for just cause but for limited periods of time.

While most Americans believe immigration is desirable, it must be done legally. If they disrespect our laws, in my opinion, they are not the best candidates for citizenship. If we continue to reward illegal immigration with another form of amnesty we will only reinforce the belief that if persons can get into the US and stay long enough they will eventually gain legality through the next amnesty program.

The recent mass demonstrations with placards and flags demonstrating loyalty to other nations show that many are not willing to assimilate and feel the citizens of the USA owe them the perks of citizenship. Unless we control who is in the USA, we will soon have the problems seen in Europe with their unassimilated masses of people.

Any bill dealing with illegal aliens must also include harsh penalties for those who assist in the illegal entry. Humanitarian aid of feeding and temporary housing should not be penalized. Assistance in longer term housing and hiding should be penalized. Employment of illegal aliens should also be harshly penalized.

Zones in which illegal aliens may not be asked regarding the legal status should not be permitted. All government agencies including schools, law enforcement, and social services should be able to ascertain legal status and report any undocumented person to the Immigration Service for follow up. Emergency medical care would be provided, but undocumented persons reported to Immigration.

Documents must be as fraud proof as possible using the appropriate technology to accomplish this. Employers must retain copies of such documents. Social Security Cards must indicate non citizen status. Employers should continue to pay the FISA taxes as they do on citizens in order to prevent them from preferring non citizens to save money. Non citizens would not pay FISA taxes and would be ineligible for any benefits. Federal and state income taxes would be withheld as is done for citizens. IRS filing for refund or additional taxes would be done as it is with citizens.

I am mystified as to why members of congress are hesitant to pass sterner laws such as making the misdemeanor into a felony with some teeth. Why must our nation be soft on illegal immigration? Encourage legal admission, increase numbers of legal slots for immigrants, welcome and assist legal immigrants with civics and language courses but punish those who refuse to follow our laws.

As a voting citizen I will reward those who have the backbone to protect our nation and enforce our laws. I have little respect for members of congress whose priority is re-election and party politics. We need statesmen who first of all protect the interests of citizens and do not pander to those here illegally.

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