Friday, March 17, 2006

Disappointed with Blogger, reading Philomathean, and today's articles

Betsy's Page and now Fausta's blog are having the same problem - neither blog can be accessed. I'll be looking for a new provider, for sure, and welcome any recommendations. For now I'm taking advantage of your hospitality!

Philomathean's on a roll!
Philomathean has two great posts, Justice Ginsburg: Republicans Are Out to Get Me and My Lunch with Hendrik Hertzberg. Hertzberg, a writer for The New Yorker and former speechwriter for President Jimmy Carter, had several interesting points, among them
  • Chris Matthews wrote Carter's "national malaise" speech
  • "The charmlessness is part of Carter's cussedness,"
and then Hertzberg thinks that the the constitutional separation of powers in the United States would lead to Caesarism. I realize I'm not among the bien pensant, but for the life of me I can't wrap my brain around the concept of the constitutional separation of powers being instrumental in bringing about military or imperial dictatorship of any kind.

That'll require a whole new type of mental yoga my brain cells haven't tried yet.

The Fallaci Code
Via Judith,
Oriana Fallaci asks: Is Muslim immigration to Europe a conspiracy?
More like a well-laid plan.

Here are today's articles from Maria,
Paul Johnson wrote this article nearly three years ago, but it still resonates today: Europe's Utopian Hangover

Never, ever be a guinea pig, especially after reading this

Feingold's Censure Adventure: What should Democrats do with their Senate bomb-thrower?

French kept Europe in dark about infected wild duck. Brussels was given the wrong date for the discovery of a bird flu case