Monday, February 06, 2006

Cuba plans large anti-U.S. rally

From CNN:
The rally -- called to remember those who have lost their lives in violent acts against Cuba over 45 years -- was expected to include the unveiling what appear to be dozens of flagpoles, positioned to block the view of an electronic sign on the outside of the U.S. Interests Section that has provoked the ire of President Fidel Castro.


"It will be an act of tribute and denunciation," said the note in the Communist Party daily Granma. "Over the pain and mourning of the loss of more than 3,000 compatriots assassinated in criminal terrorist acts organized, financed or supported by the U.S. government, we Cubans will lift up with honor our infinite love for the homeland."
It is kind of difficult to tell from the sloppy writing, but I think this is an attempt by Castro to blame the US for the deaths of people he has slaughtered for the crime of protesting his vicious regime. The interesting thing, however, occurs further down in the article:
In response to the electronic sign streaming news and human rights messages across the facade of U.S. diplomatic offices, Castro led a huge march past the mission. The construction project began the next day.
I didn't know we were doing this, but I highly approve. We really ought to be doing more to topple the Castro regime but I am glad to see even this small effort is being made.