Thursday, January 19, 2006

Taking a Stand Against ACLU "Safe and Free" Hypocrisy

Crossposted from LEAVWORLD

Well, the fine folks at STOP THE ACLU sure have been busy this week. First, they ridicule an ACLU banner which (unbelievably) reads "Keep America Safe and Free," and offer up a more appropriate one.

The next two related posts are about the ACLU lawsuit against the National Security Agency (here), and how weak it is (here). They also have a chilling piece about one of the plaintiffs joining the ACLU and CAIR in the case.

All of this leads up to this weeks BLOGBURST, in which STOP THE ACLU is signing on with lawyer Debbie Schlussel as the first intervening party (whose interests and welfare are affected) in the case , supporting the government's activities. This is great news indeed.

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