Saturday, December 31, 2005

Positive predictions for the year ahead in Iraq

Watch out world, even the FRENCH news service has something positive to say about Iraq's Economy along with a dig or two directed at the United States. Love America First would like to be fair and balanced. So, you will have to call the shots on this one.

Positive predictions for the year ahead in Iraq
unemployment should be tackled by new government

BAGHDAD: Experts predict the formation of a new Iraqi government, following a year of political reforms, will help stabilize the country, revive its stagnant economy and pave the way .....The December 15 general election "doesn't guarantee any of those things, but it offers the promise that now we can put it in place." That all depends on the smooth formation of the next government...."The economic prospects in 2006 will be good for Iraq, provided we have a consensus government which includes all major groups in Iraq and they agree on an economic program," said Abbas Abu al-Timen, the director of the Baghdad Economic Forum...... And one of the digs: The battering the country took under sanctions in the 1990s, followed by the chaos and looting during and after the U.S.-led invasion of March 2003 have had a devastating effect on the Iraqi economy. For the rest of the story, see the Agence France Presse (AFP) that appeared in the Lebanon Daily Star

We see free enterprise and determination of Iraqi people rising out of the ashes of its former self much like the young Arabian Phoenix gathering the ashes of its predecessor into an egg of myrrh and taking it to Heliopolis, the city of the sun. This is a symbolic representation of the death and rebirth of the sun portrayed in both ancient Arabic and Greek mythology.
"Might represent the sun, which dies every night and is reborn the next morning. Among classical writers, it may represent those existing in paradise, enjoying eternal youth. Among Christians, it can represent rebirth after death. "
Maybe there is something to the mythology that has been lost by our collective pessimism. The Democrats in our country who pride themselves as the intellectuals are truly on the wrong side of history again and show their crude ignorance of the agility of the human race. Defeatism of our democratic party is mind boggling.

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