Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Let the Voting Begin!

Today is the beginning of the voting for our favorite blogs this year. Wizbang is holding this one, and there are several more, I'm sure. I do not have there websites, but I do have this one. Let the voting begin!

I am voting for Regime Change Iran, because they have been on top of the news coming from Iran. Much of it we would not hear about, otherwise. Here is a 'thank you' from them.
Can you help spread the word about the Weblog awards? We have been nominated for best Middle East/African Blog.

Your readers can start voting tomorrow and again daily until the 15th. Don’t forget to vote for all your favorite blogs in all the categories. Thank you for your support.
You will be able to vote once per 24 hours in each of all 37 categories.

Please don't forget to see Holly Aho's site! She is doing a wonderful job at our Soldier's Angels Blog. She has been nominated for Best New Blog. Have a great day!

Update: One of our very own team writers is up for an award! Jane of the Armies of Liberation has been nominated for the award of Best of the Top 500-1000 Blogs,” as ranked by The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem which ranks about 10,000+ blogs by traffic and links. Let us support our team member. Good luck to everyone!