Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Afghanistan was liberated, with help from the U.S. Not after 9/11, but in the 1980's, from Soviet domination. During this time, the U.S. supposedly "created" Osama Bin Laden. The truth is that he was one of many opposition figures the U.S. supported. The U.S' mistake was not sticking around to help establish some kind of rule of law. To be fair, the U.S. had few "boots on the ground" to do this. Still, the whole western and international community turned their backs on Afghanistan, allowing the Taliban to rise.

Kuwait was liberated from Saddam Hussein by the U.S, working through the U.N, in 1991. The U.S. (prudently, to some analysts) refrained from going beyond the U. N. mandate, and didn't invade Iraq. However, the U.S. unwisely urged an uprising against Saddam, but didn't enforce the "no fly zone" against his ground-attack helicopters, resulting in massive slaughter. Many Kurds and Shiites in Iraq felt that the U.S. turned it's back on them, and rightly so.

President George W. Bush has now liberated both Afganistan from the Taliban, and Iraq from Saddam Hussein, leading a "coalition of the willing." Both countries are proceeding with some form of democratic elections, the historic nature of which cannot be denied. The hundreds of thousands of lives lost because of our previous turning away from these nations include thousands of U.S. citizens and soldiers, both at home and abroad. There cannot be any retreat from these conflicts this time.

There are many horrible places in our world, from the death camps in No. Korea and Darfour, Sudan, to the terrorist havens in Chechenya and Iran, to name a few. The U.S. can't fight every battle at once, and no-one else is pushing too hard for helping in those areas. History has a way of piling up, until the general pattern is seen. Anyone who doesn't understand the strategy and reasons behind the liberation of Iraq is missing the bigger picture. This is just another step in a global battle for freedom and human rights.

War is a serious undertaking. I ask that any who read this to not misjudge our intentions, or our determination. Those of us who support our president in this war do so in hope of greater peace, in the longer term. We hope that the sacrifice of our sons and daughters, as well as those of the Iraqis and Afghans, both soldier and civillian, will lead to true liberty for those nations, and perhaps spread to their neighbors. Let history judge us, not dictators and phony "Democrats."

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