Friday, December 02, 2005

In Defense of Murtha

While listening to Kirby, who is filling in for Tony Snow's Radio Show from 9am-12 noon EST, Col. Cowan made a point which I believe to be valid. While the Col. does not agree with what Murtha has stated about removing our troops, he does believe Murtha may have hit the edge.

Murtha has been very strong on the Armed Forces, and he is the first VietNam Vet to enter Congress after the war. He has been visiting OUR wounded men at Walter Reid frequently. The Col., who is also a VietNam Vet., stated that even he could not bear to go into Walter Reid due to his memories of war.

The Col. has a son who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he will probably go back again. The Col.'s point is simple. Maybe it just got to him. It happens. It's understandable. Maybe we shouldn't be so harsh until we know the facts.

Do I agree with Murtha? You must not read this site that often! NO! That is about as unequivicle as I can be. Do I know what happens when Murtha visits those men? How could I? I was not in Nam. I don't have the nightmares.

Does that mean he gets a pass? Yes and no. Yes, he deserves my thanks, welcome home, and respect. No, because he is wrong. Being a Soldier is one occupation and being a politician is a completely different one. It is possible to be very good at one without being the best at the other.

Just something that we ought to think about before we string people up. Wouldn't we want the same kind of deference? Something to think about...