Wednesday, December 28, 2005

If They Had Hit The Capitol

Unless you have been living in a cave (unless the cave is in Afghanistan) you are aware that on September 11th, 2001 terrorists hijacked four planes and flew them into buildings. Two of those buildings were the Twin Towers in New york and the third was the Pentagon. Reports indicate the plane that hit the Pentagon was destined for the White House but the terrorist flying it could not find the White House so he hit the Pentagon instead. The fourth plane, it is believed, was headed for the Capitol. The selfless acts of some brave people thwarted that plan and the plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

Since that time the world has changed and we find ourselves involved in a global war on terrorism with troops, having defeated the Taliban in Afghanistan, now engaging the enemy in Iraq. When the war plan was revealed most every Democrat was in favor of it. Despite their original motives, there is no denying that that was not the time to appear weak on our national security. Now, the Democrats are looking for ways to tell us they really did not support the war effort or that they were "fooled" by the intelligence (though it is not hard to see why intelligence fooled a Democrat). Many of them are now calling for the immediate removal of our troops from Iraq and they are constantly digging up some new blockbuster conspiracy with which to attach the word "impeachment."

I have tried to figure out why the Democrats are so hell bent on destroying the very fabric of our lives by opening us to more attacks. I have not been able to find an answer but my thoughts wandered to the idea that things would be different with them if that last plane had actually hit the Capitol. Many of our elected leaders would have been killed or seriously injured except of course Kennedy and Kerry. Drunks take trauma pretty well and Kerry's record shows he was hardly ever present to do his job. Excluding them, it is safe to say that many people would have perished. I wonder how the Democrats would have felt if many of their colleagues had been killed in the attack.

Better yet, how would they feel if the plane fell short and hit the houses in which their families reside? How about if it hit the school where their children were in attendance? I imagine that we would hear a different tune from them because it would be more personal. Well the attacks on this country are personal to those of us who, regardless of whether we were directly affected or not, have strong feelings about the land we call our home. We are a great nation because great citizens have risked everything to keep us safe and secure. It is never about an individual it is about the nation.

With the Democrats the entire political scene seems to be about them. They are concerned about how they look and how they can get back into office. Power is more important to them than the security of our homeland and they will attempt to destroy anyone who gets in the way of their quest for power. The idea that Senators would cheer and announce "We killed the Patriot Act" is beyond comprehension. One does not have to agree with the Act and there is certainly a forum for debate but the joy at defeating a method of keeping us safe only demonstrates the contempt they have for the safety and security of this country and the people in it.

We will, of course, never know how the Congress would have acted because a few brave souls put their well being behind the greater good of the nation and helped to lessen a tragedy. It is time for the Democrats to look at the people who, quite possibly, saved their lives, and learn a lesson and that lesson is that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. They needs to get in the game and stop playing politics with the security of our nation.

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