Saturday, December 03, 2005


Today is the day for which we have all been waiting. Army v. Navy. I love you guys in the Army. I just want you to be sure of that. There is just one thing. Navy is going to win.

There have been 105 games played. Navy has won 49, Army has won 49, and the other 7 ended in a tie. (Hat tip to Seawitch.)

I hope everyone has fun today, and remember that all of you are on the team that matters. America. Grab some snacks, drinks, (women? lol), and a bunch of friends, and settle in for an exciting game.

Whoever wins (NAVY), we are all so blessed to have men such as these. All of you. Thank you to all of you, including those who do not play. Thank you for your service.

In 7 days, it will be the anniversary of when Germany declared war on us in 1941. It did not matter then, nor does it does matter today, about our differences. What matters is that we are all Americans.

Have fun watching the game!

Update: There has been some shenanigans! The Commander in Chief Trophy which has been in the possession of Navy for 3 consecutive years was STOLEN from Navy's locker room. Within 48 hours it was found, and an investigation has ensued.

Some say cadets are responsible for this HORROR OF HORRORS! Some say midshipmen did this to frame the cadets! Oh brother. Only time will tell. Just like the JFK assassination!

Update 2: Navy 42, Army 23. Great game, guys. (USC 66, UCLA 19. Ha!)