Saturday, November 19, 2005


With our president down in the polls, I thought I'd publish a totally vulgar and unpolished piece of art I produced on Jan. 21, 2003. This is one of three pieces (that get progressively worse) titled the WARRIOR W sketches. Though I am no political cartoonist, this particular piece has a current resonance. Substitute Harry Reid for Tom Daschle, and you have an accurate picture of today's domestic political situation. One other exception: if I were to sketch an updated version, British PM Tony Blair would be at the forefront, with actual wounds from the terrorist beasts. I stand by my portrayal of "Slick Willy" as someone to be slapped aside, and Hillary as a huge viper rising in the background. Interpret it for yourself, and go look at the original posting of all three of these frankly abhorrent (on an artistic level) sketches, as well as the many other finished fantasy art pieces at LEAVART.