Thursday, November 03, 2005

Project Valour IT Campaign

Learn More About Project Valour-IT - Listen to the Podcast Interview!

*subliminal message - donate to Project Valour-IT on behalf of the Marine team (use button above)

*Project Valour-IT is a new project within Soldiers Angels that is working to provide laptops and voice software to our soldiers wounded with hand/arm injuries that cannot use their hands to type or write letters. You can find out about the project from it's SA hompage, or read the updates as the project gets underway at the Valour-IT blog.

The project is a co-creation of Chuck Ziengenfuss and Beth, an angel of Soldiers Angels. The first podcast link is an interview from August 2005 (an archived podcast) with Beth about the project, how it got started, how much had been accomplished already in the short time since it started, the goals long and short-term for the project, as well as how you can get involved and help!

Click here to listen to Beth's Interview on Project Valour-IT from August 22, 2005

The second podcast is an interview with Chuck Ziengenfuss, the co-founder of Project Valour-IT, from August 30, 2005. While this interview is not about Valour-IT per se, it is an interesting, personal interview with one of the very soldiers Project Valour-IT is dedicated to helping.
Click here to listen to the SAHA Aug 29th, interview with Capt. Chuck Ziegenfuss

And while I'm at it - Marines are in THIRD PLACE!?!?! The good news is we are only $225 behind the Navy...and Lord help us catch up to the Army team. Check out the team totals here and donate to the team of your choice (MARINES).
Holly Aho, from Soldiers Angels, has set up a way for those of you who have been wanting to help but have no way, so far. This is an excellent program.

I have contributed. I hope you will, also. The amount is not important. If you only have $5, that will add up in the long run. We would like to reach our goal by Veterans Day, November 11. Thank you for all that you do. Have a very nice day.

Holly Aho deserves all the credit for the article written above. I copied it, because she did such a beautiful job explaining the Project. Thank you, Holly. :)

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