Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Miriam's Prayer

This is part of a prayer for the Christians who've been kidnapped by terrorists in Iraq. She has written this beautiful prayer as an article in her blog, and she has asked me to share it with you. Even if you do not agree with her, please do not ignore her. If you would, please distribute this article so more people may pray for the lives of these kind people. Thank you.

Pearls of Iraq: Free the Christian Pearls of Iraq

Please do not ask for a ransom. Most of the people are poor, they gave up everything to serve God by helping the Iraqi people. Regardless of religion, peace builders are poor in hand…rich in love for God and service to others. You will receive your ransom in love, respect and dialogue. Maybe this is what the insurgency groups wants…dialogue, real dialogue. I will tell you, if you want people to dialogue and really listen, do not go to the military, go to these people. They will really listen, wallah. It is Islamic and Christian peace builders who should replace the military, inshallah, inshallah.

I will not go on and on tonight, people know the space I am in right now. I do ask that prayers be made to release our brothers who, in their love for God and the Iraqis, are there to serve. I ask that this blog be given to this group if possible and will answer questions as best I can concerning peacebuilding and nonviolence. Fellow Islamic peacebuilders speak out now in support of our Christian brothers. I conduct Islamic peacebuilding but honor, respect and love my Christian peace builders, in particular, this very special group in Iraq, who have been in my prayers for almost 3 years. [read the whole prayer].