Monday, November 28, 2005

Breaking News: Saddam's Trial

At 1:50 am PCT time, ABC News broke in with the news that the trial of the Century was about to begin. (My words, trial of the century. May the other totalitarian governments watch and shudder in fear.)

It should be a 15-20 minute delay to reach the USA TV. As I remember hearing it, they are making sure that everyone who is supposed be in the Courthouse is there, so there is no scene like there was the last time.

His lawyers will, of course, try to post-pone the trial, but the people outside and all over the country will not have it. They want a quick trial, and then a quick hanging. They are convinced he is guilty. So am I, but justice must prevail.

He has murdered 148 people in Dejai. If for some freak of nature he is found not guilty, there are many more charges waiting in line to be brought against him.

Oh yeah, Clarkie boy is there. That's all I say about him at this time. Stay tuned.

If you would like to see a short vidoe, here is the clip. You may also find a written article.

It is rather tense, dangerous and exciting all at the same time. This mass murderer will finally see one of his days in court. This is more than he ever gave to any of his victims. May you rot in hell.

Update: Trial has been postponed until December 5 so one of the 8 defendents may find counsil. (Don't you think he would have known by now to get a lawyer?) One witness has testified by tape, because he was very ill. Four days after the testimony, he was laid to rest. He was one of the prison guards. (?)