Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ban EU Air Flights Into USA

European Court of Justice's Advocate General Philippe Leger's opinion toward sharing information about it's air passengers into the United States with the USA is unconstitutional. (This is amazing, since they do not yet have a constitution, unlike the Iraqis.)

He has presented an Advisory Opinion to the Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice which is expected to rule on the case in early 2006. This Opinion is a challenge to the May 2004 agreement.

The Counter Terrorism Blog has a remarkably disturbing article about this.
The Advocate General Opinion found that the agreement, while authorized by the EU Council , lacked a sufficient legal basis and was contrary to existing EU law. His Opinion called for the agreement to be annulled. The EU Commission had previously held that the agreement fully met European privacy restrictions criteria. The Advocate General’s finding bolsters a previously existing court challenge to the agreement initiated by the EU Parliament several months ago.
This is a very odd means of governing, but one which we should always be aware. Are they truly friends and allies of America? You be the judge.

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