Friday, October 14, 2005

Violence Continuing in Afghanistan

Violence and suicide attacks have been continuing in southern Afghanistan. The rebels intensified their attacks after the landmark parliamentary election in different parts of the country, particularly in the southern and southeastern provinces and have killed dozens of government forces. They also killed a few coalition forces.

Taliban already vowed that they will start a new wave of their insurgency after the parliamentary election and right after the parliamentary election they raised their attacks, especially suicide attacks.

Over the past 2 weeks, 5 suicide attacks were conducted by the enemies, and the rebels have accelerated their military operations in different provinces of Afghanistan. As a result, there was a suicide attack in front of Kabul's Military training center that killed 9 ANA soldiers.

Four more suicide attacks took place in Kandahar province which killed and injured a number of people, including 4 British nationals. The rebels also killed five health workers by an ambush in Kandahar province.

The Afghan National Police faced the highest casualties during this week - at least 20 police forces were killed and a number injured when the rebels targeted their convoy. Then they ambushed the convoy in the southern Helmand province. It was the highest level of casualties to Afghan National Police since the ousting of the Taliban regime. In a similar attack, 6 other police were killed in Uruzgan province.

Recent violence shows that the enemies are still active. Recent violence is increasing people's concern over the rebels militancy, because the enemies attacks reached Kabul. A couple of days before the arrival of Condoleeza Rice, Kabul was hit by two rockets. One of those rockets hit the Canadian ambassador's residence. It injured two Afghan guards. The second one hit the intelligence headquarters, which resulted in no casualties.

The NATO Secretary General, during his visit to Afghanistan, said NATO was ready to increase their forces and deploy them to the southern provinces. We hope that more NATO forces will be deployed in the southern parts of Afghanistan as soon as possible. There is a big requirement for these forces. It will help to prevent the insurgents from attacking, because there will be more patrols and military operations. This will make it harder for the rebels to continue their activities in the southern provinces.

This article was contributed by Waheed from Afghan Warrior. Thank you, Waheed!

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