Thursday, October 13, 2005

So THAT'S The Reason People Should Die

Hat tip to Tim Blair, from an article at

AUSTRALIANS had declared a moral war on Muslims in Indonesia with their drinking and skimpy clothes in Bali, the eldest brother of three of those responsible for the 2002 attacks said yesterday.

Mr Khozin said the behaviour of Westerners in his country was to blame for the radicalism adopted by his brothers.

"Alcohol, bikinis, that kind of thing makes Muslims angry. Don't do that when visiting a country with a Muslim majority," he said. "I'm sorry, Australian culture makes war on morality. They come to Bali with bikinis, they make war on morality. Not physical war, morality war. Respect the culture and religion of Indonesia."

He believed the first Bali bombing committed by his uncles was justified because it discouraged tourists in Bali. "If Muslims died in that action, the Muslims will go to heaven," he said.

His brothers had a different view of Islam to his but he believed they were still good people. He called on the Indonesian Government to return them to their community, where they could be rehabilitated.

And here I was, the big dummy that I am, that thought it was the coward, mass-murdering, psycho, goat-loving Islamic terrorists and their unmarked vans full of explosives that were responsible for the attacks. Geez.