Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Refusal To Jump Aboard The Conservative Meltdown Over Harriet Miers

This is an addendum to Rosemary's fine post Conservatives...STOP IT!:

Now I might be eating my words later, but I am not going to throw myself off a bridge over Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers as an Associate Supreme Court justice - at least not yet.

Little is known about the views of Harriet Miers. But what is known, through official and unofficial channels, paints a picture of a conservative Texas lawyer with rock-solid beliefs on life, strong religious convictions, and a modesty that should allay fears of a renegade Justice determined to remake society through the courts. John Roberts was the silver-tongued, inside-the-Beltway pick for the Court; Miers is the plain spoken red stater. -Patrick Ruffini

It is absolutely staggering, to me, to watch the right have a collective break-down without at least - at the VERY least - giving this nomination a day or two of research. I DO think the president, and the honorable lady he has nominated, deserve that much. -the Anchoress

So why did Bush choose Miers? For him, these nominations are quite personal. He wants to feel comfortable with his nominee, confident his pick will be a conservative now and conservative 20 years from now. Bush picked Roberts after being impressed while interviewing him. His doubts were erased (and there were initial doubts about Roberts). My guess is with Miers his doubts were washed away too. -Fred Barnes

Right now Conservatives, as a whole, appear to the world as a bunch of unhinged, sissy, cry-babies - that's right, we look just like the average Liberal. People, take a Prozac, drink a few wee drams of a fine single malt scotch, settle down for a bit. We're looking bad to everyone that's watching us.

Give Bush the benefit of the doubt. Give this situation a chance. Listen closely to the confirmation hearings. Do all of this BEFORE passing summary judgement. We owe that much to Bush. We owe that much to each other. Bush ain't no dummy, and his advantage is that so many Liberals have underestimated him - remember Kerry's "I can't believe I'm losing to him" outburst? Don't do the same yourselves.

Harriet Miers just might have exactly the philosophy of judicial restraint we've all been looking for these many years. She just might be anchored enough in her personal philosophy that her "maturing" as a young justice won't cause her to become another RINO in five years. Maybe she's just the person Bush needs that won't abandon her conservative values the way others have. She just might become that which we've all been hoping for. But we'll never know if you unstable folks keep trying to publically crucify her.