Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Refresher Course

(AP, 4/7/03)(SFC, 4/7/03, p.A26) Apr 6, 2003
US forces near Baghdad reportedly found a weapons cache of around 20 medium-range Rockets, BM-21 missiles, equipped with sarin and mustard gas and "ready to fire." David Bloom (39), NBC correspondent, died of a pulmonary embolism south of Baghdad.

(SFC, 4/8/03, p.A12) Apr 7, 2003
The SF Chronicle ran a $45,000 full-page ad that called for the impeachment of Pres. Bush. Former US Attorney Gen'l. Ramsey Clark led the ad sponsors.

(AP, 4/9/03)(SFC, 4/9/03, p.A1)(SFC, 4/9/03, p.A1) Apr 8, 2003
In Iraq 2 cameramen and one other journalist were killed and at least 3 others wounded when an American tank hit the Palestinian Hotel where they were staying. An Al-Jazeera journalist was killed by US fire.

(AP, 4/9/03)(SFC, 4/10/03, p.A1)(AP, 4/16/03) Apr 9, 2003
In the 22nd day of Operation Iraqi Freedom US commanders declared Saddam Hussein's rule over Baghdad over and jubilant crowds swarmed into the streets here, dancing, looting, cheering and bringing down images of the Iraqi leader. No more than 150 Iraqis gathered in Farbus Square to watch American Marines, not Iraqis, pull down a statue of Hussein.

The article I retrieved this data from is Timeline 2003d. The purpose is to refresh our memories, for those of you who do not know we are at war. Yes. Still. For a long time to come, also.

Phil Taylor's website appears to cover the Committee to Protect Journalists. Be careful here. The only consensus here is between the journalists themselves.

Every day, I believe more and more that the Pentagon was right when it said it attacked the Palestine Hotel, Al-Jazeera and Abu-Dhabi TV in self-defense, he said, because it has to defend itself from journalists who tell the truth.
This is a relative of one of the slain journalists. He is Jose Couso's younger brother, Javier. I received this data from the News Guild. Why am I bringing this up?

That is indeed a very good question! A judge in Spain has issued arrest warrants for three of our Soldiers. They are claiming the DoD did not do their job investigating the event of the tank shooting which killed two cameramen staying at the Hotel Palestine.

It might do this judge some good to do a little research. If he had, he would have found this WAS investigated IN THE MIDDLE OF A FREAKING WAR they were too cowardly to fight.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 13, 2003 U.S. troops fighting their way into Baghdad April 8 were justified when they fired a tank round at a local hotel, an incident that killed two television cameramen, a recently concluded U.S. Central Command investigation determined.
I will leave it at this because my blood pressure, she's a-risin'!

PS. Greyhawk over at Mudville Gazette also has an article about the incident. For the news of today about this wacko judge, read my article. lol. Seriously,
A US State Department official told Reuters this year: "I just cannot imagine how any US soldier can be subject to some kind of foreign proceeding for criminal liability when he is in a tank in a war zone as part of an international coalition."
The Committee for the Protection of Journalists, after talking to journalists in the hotel and embedded with the US army, concluded that the attack was not deliberate but could have been avoided.
You will find the link to this article at the Guardian Unlimited in London.