Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Many Protests, Much Unrest, Iran

I have 10 separate articles to report about protests and unrest alone. In such a repressive area of the world, one can only imagine what is really happening!

There was a protest at Najafabad University. This story is being reported by Iran Press News. The guards at the entrance forbade the females to enter saying they must now use a different, seperate, entrance. Around 11:30 am, some people gathered in the hall and started chanting, "Shame on you Despots, release the Universities from your claws - Shame on you Despots, release the students from your claws."
The head of the guard unit came forward and told the students: "Keep it up and later you'll pay the price." This enflamed peoples' emotions even more...
Sunday the guards went looking for the activists. If they are found, they will need our help. Please read the rest.

Students of the Abbasspour University of Water and Power Industry protested the treatment of the Guards toward their dress. Shah-Mohammadi was quoted as saying, "The illicit behavior of the guards in the Abbasspour University with regard to the type of clothing worn by the students, is oppressive and despotic."

Many governmental bureaus in the Province of Qeshm and the central police command offices were attacked. The Governor was also attacked and severely beaten.

SMCCDI reported drivers of buses protested their poor working conditions by not collecting the money from the passengers. They also reported many women protested in "Enghelab" square about their poor economic and social conditions. Also, students of Beheshti University of Tehran protested against the repressive measures and poor conditions.
And finally, Iran Press News added that the Beheshti University students then set their dorm on fire. ISNA published photos.
I fear for these students. Please pray for them to receive liberty and freedom. Here are a few more articles of interest:

SMCCDI reported that another young man was killed by the Islamic regime's security forces in the Greater Tehran area, Friday.
SMCCDI reported that a riot took place, on Saturday, in the Island of Gheshm located in the Persian Gulf.
Agence France Presse reported that witnesses claim, Iranian police shot and killed a motorist after he failed to stop when spotted eating during holy month of Ramadan. Winston, The Spirit of Man reported on the IRGC units nightly live fire exercises in the mountains of eastern Tehran.
There is much unrest. One must wonder, how long can a country stand when it is divided so terribly against it because of the crimes against it's leaders? Not too much longer, I pray. Go Iran!

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