Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Little Of This, A Bit Of That

  • The Crazy Politico has a story about the media discovering that Karl Rove, the architect who steered George W. Bush to victory four times, has a garage that is not that much different from other US citizens. Some cardboard file boxes, paint cans, a wood crate, some coolers, an aluminum ladder, and the rear wheel of a bicycle - not much different from anyone else.

    What makes this article ASININE is that the media would even find this to be newsworthy enough to write about it or to publish such an article on the internet.

  • The Crazy Politico also speaks about some interesting design specifications for some new public housing projects in Britain: "Muslim-Friendly Public Housing: Toilets Do Not Face Mecca".

    OK, to each his own, I guess. But the story doesn't stop here just yet. Not only has tax money been used to build these houses, but that Muslims will be given preference over others to live in them.

    "But where there are two households of equal priority who qualify for an Aashyana home, we would offer to the household who would most benefit from the culturally- sensitive services that Aashyana provides."

    - Bristol City Council spokeswoman Kate Hartas
    - www.newkerala.com

    Imagine the outcry if tax dollars were used to build a public housing project designed to the religious specifications of Christians or Jews - who were then given priority because they would most benefit from the 'culturally-sensitive' design?

    But don't rush to judgement, screaming "Dhimmitude!" at dear Britain, just yet, as such infestation of exalting Islam as a Preferred Group is just as evident in the US as well.

  • Ahhh, Islam: The Religion Of Peace® is at it once again. From Lost Budgie: Iranian police have been accused of shooting and killing a motorist after he failed to stop when spotted eating during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. 22-year-old Seyed Mostafa was shot dead in Tehran on Saturday by police, who have been actively enforcing a dawn to dusk Ramadan ban on public eating, drinking and smoking.

    Makes me ashamed that I was brought up as a Protestant Christian and having to learn about all that love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control junk.