Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Judge Gives Saddam the Purple Finger

As I was listening to the Tony Snow Radio Program, they were discussing the trial of Saddam Hussein. Many people are more interested in this than the elections, which begs the question: Has everyone conceded we've won?

That, however, is not my point. Most people may not have taken notice like one of his callers has. As the Judge was pointing his finger at Saddam, telling him to sit down because he would not give his name, on the tip of his finger it was purple! What a smack down!

Thank you for being so observant, caller. If anyone else heard this, please share with me his first name so I may give him due credit. Just trying to fill in the holes...spider holes at that...that may have slipped past us if not for those well trained eyes. Thanks! Have a great day everyone.