Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Iran Behind Deadly Attack of British Military

Con Coughlin (filed 9/10/2005) writes a very disturbing article about the involvement of Iran into the British Military area of Basra.

They have tried the Chamberlain route. Maybe now, they will understand the Iranian Regime desires nothing to do with the British. For that matter, any Europeans!
Indeed, when The Sunday Telegraph two weeks ago revealed that agents working for the Revolutionary Guards had linked up with the Iraqi groups responsible for the attacks on British troops, the Foreign Office continued to insist that there was no firm evidence.

But now the cat is out of the bag. Not realising the sensitivity that Mr Straw attaches to Britain's dealings with Teheran, the unfortunate diplomat unwittingly strayed from his referendum brief and started laying into the Iranians with a gusto not seen in the British diplomatic service for decades.
The Iranian government's spin on this is to say that the British government was using Sunnis covertly to destroy the talks. They also claim that they used bombs that were "perfected" by Hizbollah! Yes, the Iranian backed terrorist organization.

The message Iran is sending to Great Britain is, "You want to confront us about our nuclear weapons? We have the right to blow you up!" Nice guys, eh? Please read the article by clicking on the author's name.

Update: The Scotland on Sunday is also making claims that Iran is trying to disrupt the progress in Iraq, and they want to turn it into another theocracy. A team has been sent to gather evidence.

The Observer reports that Tony Blair is now admitting, though tacitly, Iran is responsible for the deaths of 8 Soldiers.
Blair's accusations confirm that the British-secured zone, once praised as a triumph for the 'softly-softly' approach, is a model no more. In recent weeks death squads have kidnapped and murdered journalists, most famously Steven Vincent, an American freelance writer who had warned of Iranian infiltration of the police. Dozens of Iraqis have fallen victim to Iranian-backed militias.
I wonder if now they will realize you cannot appease terrorists? Also, I wonder if now they will open their eyes to the Iranian political prisoners and all the human rights offenses, and finally hear their voices? Even if they are from grave, they should all be heard. If not now, when?

Hat tip to Daily Briefings on Iran.
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