Thursday, September 01, 2005


I'm with Rosemary on this, but have a few other points to make.

It was with good reason that Pres. Bush didn't make a statement right away. The government acted as fast as any huge bureacracy could, and the President didn't want to get out in front of those efforts. I remember the same type of thing happening after the tsunami. What matters is that the nation jumped into action immediately, and the administration did a great thing by relaxing gasoline regulations, which meant more than any statement Pres. Bush made.

I'm just waiting for the pledges of support from the international community. So far, only Hugo Chavez has promised to sell us oil at a reduced price, but only for the "underpriveleged" in this country. We should take him up on this, citing Katrina. Too bad our leaders have too much pride, and not the stones to do this. It would be a masterstroke of foreign policy to get Chavez to actually aid the US, above the board. We just re-established intelligence ties with his government, regarding the narcotics trade, I've heard (no link-sorry).

Another point is that the EU and other allies are buying into the idea that global warming is the cause of this hurricane, and that we (the US) cause global warming. The nations that we give aid to are not capable of reciprocating, but most EU nations are capable of assisting us. They prefer to follow the lead of our political left, who have blamed this NATURAL DISASTER on Pres. Bush, and even on Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi, for his contributions to GOP energy policy. That is a fanatical idea.

I'm also reminded of the joy that some took from the 9/11 attacks. That sense of "the big bully got what's coming to it" REEKS from this. While the world responded immediately in support on that day, am I over the line by wondering why the response has not been the same now? Time will tell whether the international community will respond. I don't want to jump the gun on this one, but may already have. When my fears are allayed, I'll write about this again.