Thursday, September 01, 2005

What took President Bush so long to Speak

It has been three days since hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf of Mexico. It has been 24 hours, perhaps a couple days, since the levees broke. So what took the president so long to give a speech?

I have heard this question all day long, when I could stand to listen. Excuse my callousness, but I am worrying about other things at this time. You nukes, oil, inflation, Venezuela, Castro, Russia, China, Darfur, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and stuff like that. This was a natural, only partially man-made, event.

The hurricane was natural. The part that was man-made was the levees. They were made to supposedly sustain a category 3 hurricane. Note: this is for land that is next to the ocean, and it is 6 feet below sea level according to iNe Tours.

They did not contemplate building a stronger and higher levy, because it would have cost more money. Now, the amount of money they should have spent is miniscule. Nice job.

So what was President Bush doing? We have heard he left his vacation early to return to Washington. NO. He was not on vacation. He was working. In case you missed it, the Iraqis settled on a Constitution. The Parliament voted on it, with some Sunnis unhappy with it, but it passed with 2/3rds nevertheless.

It was passed because President Bush placed calls to the Assembly and the CDC. He "recommended" they get together and come together for the sake of Iraq. He "suggested" they stop arguing about the small stuff. He also had to speak to and about Iran, China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the UN, etc.. Have you done as little on your vacation?!

Oh yes, and he spoke with homeland security and every other agency and state a day BEFORE the hurricane came ashore. He also spoke to Louisiana's Governor, as well as the Governor's of Mississippi and Florida. Yes, he was quite busy getting everything in place, and he was getting things on the ball before Katrina even came ashore! My, my. Oh ye of little faith.

If he came to the camera, told us the truth of which we already knew, would you not have been asking why he is politicizing this? Hmm. Either way, he cannot win.

I prefer the way he did it. He just did it! Then he came out to tell you what has been done, what needs to continue to be done, and this will probably last for years. He is preparing you for the long haul, because he knows what short-sighted people you are. He did it gently, also.

Many people did not like this. They wanted him to speak about the borders and this and that. Let me ask you a question. What if you were here illegally, you bought a home, you lost all your loved ones, and the President of the United States of America comes out and gives a speech telling you that you not only lost your reason for living, but you must leave the country?

Do not get me wrong. I want every illegal alien out of this country. I just do not think that now is the appropriate time to discuss this issue. Have a heart, will ya?

President Bush is fighting a war with many fronts of which we know and some of which we do not. He is fighting his own Congress and Senate to cut out the pork. (A losing battle if you ask me.) He was busy visiting wounded Soldiers. Thank God we have a president who cares enough to visit our men and women. He really does care. We should, too.

Where was the president? He was visiting the wounded in San Diego's Camp Pendleton. Wanna make something of it? Get a life.

PS. Please excuse me. I broke my rule about not writing when I'm angry, but if I don't get this out of my system...I won't be able to write for a very long time! Don't forget to go over to Soldiers Angles and make a donation. They need us. After all they've done for us, it's the least we could do. Have a good day.

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