Sunday, September 18, 2005

Talk Show Ignorance

It is amazing to me, beyond belief, that everyone is still focused on Katrina, race, and New Orleans. Yes, the president gave a speech. Do you know his plan? What is it?

Everyone is jumping out of their skin, because someone pulled a $200 billion figure out of the air. I didn't know PRIVATE business were on the welfare dole.

Has ANYONE noticed that MILLIONS of Afghanis have turned out to vote? Not a word. I am disgusted at the lack of focus. Do we not care about foreign policy anymore? Do we only talk about it when it is going badly? That is the SHAME of talk radio.

I ought to know. I listen to it all the day long. Over the weekend, not a word. The only time Iraq and their FIRST time as a new government spoke at the UN, the only mention was in comparison to NO. Shame on you weekend talkers.

Have I not let you know I have had it with TV? Do you think I will not turn off my radio, too? Do you not understand there is a net out there so I can get my information without you? Shape up, or I will turn you off, too.