Thursday, September 01, 2005

Soldiers Angels and Katrina

Many organizations are available to receive aid for the horrendous events over the past through days. This cyber newspaper has chosen to support Soldiers Angels in their efforts to help our Soldiers whom are also suffering losses.

Blackfive has been keeping everyone up to date, as well as many other bloggers, newspapers, and TV news organizations.

This site is not going to trust the Red Cross, because of prior incidences. It is a good organization, however. You may choose to donate there. You could also donate to both, for I fear our Soldiers will be forgotten in this effort.

Pam also has some very good coverage of this tragedy, along with pictures. Fausta has a very good article on foriegn aid as well as links to other sources you may wish to consider.

No matter your preference, please consider those in times of trial. It is the American thing to do. After all, which is the one country that is always first on the scene? That is because, no matter democrat or republican, whoever is in office is an American first. It runs in through blood to answer the call of the weak, the fallen, the wounded, and hurt. Let us keep with our reputation.

As always, please be careful of computer scams. Make sure you donate to a bonafide charity. You may check here. Thank you.

Commentary: I know I put democrat and republican in small case letters. I am very disappointed that some would try to use this to their political advantage. I will not say which party, but I am not pleased. No, I am not pleased at all.

There are people Dying. For Shame on You, and you know who you are. Have some decency, and show some amount of decorum. Thank you.

Update: Euphoric Reality has a list of the damages done to our Military's Air Force Base, and the Keesler Hospital has been closed. Their generator was the victim of water from the hurricane and flood.
4. 6000 USAF members and their families are living in shelters.
6. The 2nd largest USAF hospital (at Keesler) is closed, Seawater got into the generator and they have no power.
8. Runway is operational; it’s the only open airfield in the area; Day/VFR conditions only.
9. Gulfport Airport is closed for the foreseeable future.
There has been much damage and looting, also. There are many good suggestions for things that can be done today, however, to help.
Fill one or more 1-gallon size Ziploc bag(s) with…
1 new wash cloth, 1 new hand towel, 1 new bar of soap, 1 new comb, 1 new fingernail clipper, 1 new pack of dental floss, 1 new toothbrush, 1 small travel size tube of toothpaste, 1 small travel size shampoo, 1 small packet of tissue, 1 small package of adhesive bandages.

NOTE: All included items need to be new and unused.

*****GIFT CARDS LARGEST REQUEST, Walmart, Target, etc.
Home Improvement Stores, Food Stores, Prepaid Master and Visa Cards.

When you have them completed email Soldiers Angles for address to ship direct to family in need.
This is a very good idea. It is never good to become dependent upon the government, because they move as slow as snails. Beaurocracy. Bah humbug.