Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Rajun Cajun is Back!

Tim from the Rajun Cajun has finally come back on line! He has gone through moving his whole family to an undisclosed facility. lol.

Tim does for us what we do not want to do for ourselves, he reads the European papers and deciphers them. He does a very fine job, too!

I would like to be one of the first to welcome him to the area and to say, "Welcome back!" He is pretty intelligent and fun to read. Please visit his site.

He may have lost some readers due to circumstances beyond his control (Military). He hasn't been able to blog since March. He will be working on his template, and he really needs visitors! Come on, everone. Pitch in when you can, and give him a glance. I think you will like it. He has kept me informed, and I know he'll do the same for you. Have a good day everyone and especially you, Tim!