Monday, August 01, 2005


Charlie Rose, on PBS, presented the admitted document thief now known as Samuel Berger on his show as a commentator about the war in Iraq. This is the beginning of Berger's media rehabilitation. I was stunned to see him in public for the first time since his media disappearance after the document scandal, with no mention of his disgrace. Mr. Rose gave him quite a bit of time, along with Gen. Brent Scowcroft, debating the strategy in Iraq. All the while, I'm thinking "why doesn't he ask Berger about the documents he stole?" Rose must have promised not to "ambush" him, but he should have, especially after 9/11 was mentioned. This just shows how Democrats who violate national security are given a free pass by the liberal media, at the same time they relentlessly pursue any possibility that a Republican may be involved in exposing a CIA agent who abused her power for political purposes, calling that a violation of national security. If Karl Rove comes on the Charlie Rose show 2 years from now, does anyone doubt that he would be asked about "the leak," regardless of the outcome of the investigation?

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