Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New "Popular Army" Forming in Gaza

It looks like Israel is going to have more "peace partners" in Gaza.
Sources in the Gaza Strip said the decision to establish a "popular army" was made by top PLO official Farouk Kaddoumi, who is based in Tunis and also serves as chairman of the ruling Fatah party's central committee. A staunch opponent of the Oslo Accords, Kaddoumi was one of the few PLO leaders who refused to return to the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1994.

Kaddoumni, who is planning to move to the Gaza Strip after disengagement, recently opened an office in Khan Yunis. The office is run by dozens of Fatah activists and gunmen who are unhappy with the policies of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. JP

Hamas is also forming a similar "popular army", should be interesting times in the Gaza after the Israelis pullout. Does anyone else smell civil war or is it just wishful thinking?

Probably just wishful thinking. And even if a civil war does follow after the pullout, I am sure that any survivors will maintain the "peace partner" status quo. Just a glimpse into the thoughts of Kaddoumi whose views are more than likely similar to other "peace partner" leaders: From the Jewish World Review 11/16/04:
Two years ago, Kaddoumi declared "the PLO no longer recognizes Israel and adheres to its national charter." Thirty of the 33 clauses in the PLO charter call for Israel's destruction or violence against Israel. Numerous statements by Kaddoumi over the years have made it clear that he, like Arafat, has no intention of settling for anything less than all of the land and none of the Jews.

Israel has long been swimming in a sea of enemies. Enemies that are dedicated to no less than the utter destruction of this proud Jewish state. How can Israel even be asked to negotiate with "peace partners" who state over and over that their aim is the annihilation of Israel? And yet, to the Israelis credit, their ultimate aim is to live in peace and so have tried. But how much restraint are they expected to show when nearly every day brings attacks, attempted and successful, from Hamas, Islamic jihad, Fatah, and the other many "peace partners" that vow to push Israel into the sea?