Sunday, August 07, 2005

Letter to the Editor

This is a letter I am sending to the editor of the Press Telegram in Long Beach, Los Angeles Times, NY Times, and the Washington Times.
Press Release for Immediate Use

In a small number of days a largely unpublicised web site has attracted over 2,000 people from around the globe wanting to "Unite Against Terror". Signatories include internationally renowned academics, journalists and authors including cyber journalist Rosemary Welch from Long Beach, CA.

Some have contributed short articles explaining their reason for joining the campaign. These are many and varied including survivors of 9/11, London train drivers, philosophers and poets.

One of the most moving is from Alan and Franziska Norman who knew one of the victims of the London bombing Afghani refugee Ateeque Sharifi. Dedicating their signatures to his memory they explain he came to the UK after the Taliban murdered his parents only to die on 07/07 at Kings Cross. The go on to say:

"People are debating 'links' between the bombings and the conflicts in the Middle East. For us the link is very simple. Ateeque's killer acted in solidarity with the killers of his parents. Signing the statement is the least we can do to show sympathy and solidarity with his friends and his remaining family."

Their full contribution can be read at where the main statement is posted. Individuals can also sign here to demonstrate their opposition to terrorism.

Further information from:

Rosemary Welch
Long Beach, CA
Knickerbocker News World News Daily
My Newz 'n Ideas
Love America First instead of self-hating
Causes of Interest Darfur, Iran, etc.

There is also more we can do to combat this idealogy of hatred. Here are some ideas for action:
* Please contact your local representatives, and ask them to sign.
* Send a note to the local press telling them about this site.
* Get together with a few friends and arrange to meet with others in a public meeting space. If you want us to, we can advertise such gatherings.
* Fix up [sounds English, eh? lol.] a discussion at your union, party, meetings or other such places. Maybe you would like to invite one of the organisers to lead a session.
* It has been suggested that those of us who can get to London do so. Let us know your views about this.
My hope is that each of my readers and writers would do the same in their part of the country. We want our voices heard. They say no one is speaking up. This is not true. It is a fact that the MSM gives the air time and press time to the haters of our countries. Let us take back the priss! Thank you, and have a wonderful day.