Thursday, August 18, 2005

Knickerbocker News update

The cyber newspaper is doing well. I have spent much time on it, and I am trying to find some journalists to join me. If you have a job with the main stream media, you may find it hard for me to hire you. Nothing personal, but we are looking for people that actually know something about getting and reporting the facts! :)

All others, that does not let you off the hook! lol. I am looking for people with different interests, so we can fill the pages with diverse articles. Someone could work on DC, someone could work on Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Darfur, China, etc. There should also be a place for commentaries, comic relief, housekeeping tips (?), and the such.

If you do not want to try your hand at it, do you know someone? What we will be doing is giving facts with sources. If you do not have sources, it does not go into the paper unless of course it is a commentary or something of that concern.

I want everything to be true. Mistakes are allowed. They will be published FIRST and attached to the article. We do not want to be as others that hide their mistakes. We desire credibility. lol.

Please let me know. It will not be a troubling thing. Maybe once a week an article? You could also do an article as often as you wish. I will leave that up to you. I really appreciate all the help you are willing to give. Thank you.