Sunday, August 21, 2005

"Hate America First" Strikes Again

I have received an article which was written in the New York Daily Times. I am going to try to remain calm as I write this. Basically, the IFC (International Freedom Center) is planning on building a disaster on top of Ground Zero. They are in charge of the museum.

They are listening to all the Human Rights groups all over the world. Excuse me, but wasn't this an attack on the USA? I did not see much support in defending us, so do they get a say while we do not? To continue...

In this article, it is shocking (to me) to find people all over the world complaining about our Patriot Act! Hello? Anyone out there? This is an AMERICAN matter of law, not yours.

NO, you have no say in what happens in this country. Whatever gave you that wrongly crooked idea? Some people are upset because we have decided to rebuild right where the WTC's were. They call this "arrogant." They ask if we think we should be allowed to define "freedom" for everyone. YES. We seem to be one of the few defending it.

Let me explain. Free: 1 Not subject to an arbitrary external power; independent; a. Not in the condition of a slave or serf. b. Enjoying political independence; as, a free city or nation.

Would someone please explain to me, the oppressed of the sexes (lol), who wouldn't desire freedom? Oh, I see. You are a bigot who thinks only you have the intelligence and wherewithal to understand and do well in an open and free society! How dare you bring that trash into my country's consciousness!

I do not like bigots or racists. As a matter of fact, I hate them. They destroy all that is good in this world so they can rule over everyone else. They pretend to be whatever it takes to get to where they want to be (politicians) while keeping the American blacks on the plantation mentally, the poor remain poor due to the "good intentions" of their programs which are designed to tear apart the family (try getting married on welfare, you lose you checks), children are born out of wedlock (see above), women are somehow made to believe they can take away our vote (? are they nuts? They haven't seen riots, yet!) and on and on.

This is outrageous! I know many people who grew up with me who hate racists. Now, the racists want the world to believe that we are the racist country! How dare you! Come and say that to my face, and I will change your mind. I am being kind by implying that you have a mind.

Please, read the article that I put at the top of this page. If you are not outraged, maybe you have not been following this as closely as I have. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I really am a nice person, when I am not angered by idiocy. Hey, I have to allow myself one word, okay? lol. Have a nice day.

Hat tip to Debra Burlingame