Tuesday, August 23, 2005


With all that is going on around us, I would just like to take a moment to say how grateful I am. For what do I have to be grateful? Ah, a lot.

I woke up today without any pain. I can see, hear, touch, feel, walk, and breathe without a tube. I can eat my food by myself. Many people cannot. I suppose many people do not consider these things, until you lose them. I didn't.

I am also grateful for the wonderful team we have here. I can only say wonderful things about all of them. They love America, even though she may have her faults. This is the best nation in the world, IMHO. I am grateful to have been born here.

I am grateful for blogs. lol. I am grateful I am not confined to the Left "newspapers." I do not mean liberal. I mean Left. As Left as Lenin. Ooh, I do not like fragments. (Literary term.)

I am grateful that I have peace in my heart, even in times of struggles. I wish I could give some to everyone! Maybe the world would be a better place...Most of all, I am grateful to God.

Most of all, (beside God) I am grateful for the Angels whom protect us, fight for us, die for us, broker peace for us, and all so we may live in freedom. These are such wonderful people, grown men and women, who deserve more than our support.

I am very grateful to know they are here and there. I am also grateful to know that should it be necessary, America will jump to answer the call in times of emergency. I am grateful I remember Sept. 11, 2001. Thank you, guys, for doing that which is necessary.

I am a Christian. I have had an atheist trying to convince that I am stupid and mean and scary. I never said a cross to him. He asked me to write a column on atheism, so I did. He said he liked it, then he went on to harrass me.

I am grateful for anonymity and blocking devices! lol. I wonder why people who think they are being persecuted have to persecute others? Hmm. Oh well. That's enough wondering. It does not matter, because I have no magic powers to change anyone but myself. For that I am also grateful! Everyone have a wonderful evening. God bless you. (I have rights, too, ya know! lol.)