Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Governor Abazari and family die in "car accident"

In the city of Bookan, Iran, the Governor and his family were classified as dying in a "car accident" at 1:30 am on a weekday. To many, this is a suspicious death.

The hard-liners are extending their reach for control all over Iran, while everyone else has their eyes focused on the same old rhetoric of nuclear weapons. While these two may be connected, there should be sufficient news about the reformers and their struggles.

There have been riots up and down Iran, including Kurdistan, Iran. The Kurds must not be forgotten in order to make everyone "feel" easy. They have been the best ally to the West in the last decades. They deserve recognition and autonomy.

Why is the Iranian government telling of this "accident" right away? This government likes to stay silent about such deeds, if indeed it was a deed.

Governor Abdollah Abazari was a quiet man who prefered no violence. He also opposed the armed militias. This did not sit well with the intillectual Left or the regime.
Bookan and most northwestern cities of Iran are still under tight security measures and foreign Islamist brigades are also deployed in the region.
It is a wait and see situation now. With no media attention, Iran believes they may do whatever they wish. Can they? Will you voice your opinion? Some in Iran are wondering where all the Human Rights groups are?

If they will not stand for the Reformers and Akbar Ganji, then it is up to the rest of the world.

Source: Daily Briefing on Iran.