Friday, August 12, 2005

Fasting for Darfur

This is a request from David Ruben, a friend who e-mails me weekly about Darfur, stating his case for help for his friend.
On August 5, 2005, Jay McGinley of Philadelphia began what will be his second hunger strike for Darfur this summer. McGinley intends to fast for approximately 30 days, health permitting.

Shortly before his arrival in Washington on August 9, McGinley explained his decision to resume the fast by saying that he, “[remains] convinced that the only hope for Darfur, the only hope for a U.S. worth existing, is for a few of us to exercise our humanity with great boldness and vigor. In doing so, we have the chance, the only chance, of stimulating, activating, exercising the Humanity in our fellow human beings. There is no other way. Let’s get on with it.”

McGinley will be fasting in front of the White House, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Washington Post. If you are interested in helping Mr. McGinley, or participating in any way with the Fast, please contact:, or Jay at 484-356-6243.
Please support him, if only morally. Let him know he is not alone. If you are able, please go to Washington, and stand with him. I pray our Lord will move the hearts of our legislatures, even though they are all on vacation. And they criticize President Bush? It is a sin they have not acted sooner. At least President Bush has actively, albeit behind the scenes, to put an end to a 22 year war in Sudan.

Now, with Vice President Garang having "died," we are back to step one if we do not act swiftly. VP Garang was the leader of one of the opposition parties. He was Darfur's hope. We must continue that hope, while stopping the genocide. Thank you.

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