Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chrenkoff is Retiring: *tears*

Many a day, it was, when all we heard was how we messed up, what we were doing wrong, why we couldn't win, etc, and Arthur Chrenkoff would come to the fore with evidence that it was a lie. He would produce his "Good News from Iraq" (part 25) and "Good News from Afghanistan" (part 15) every two weeks or so. Each of them separately, of course.

He would also share some of that great Australian humor with so many of us, even though he is Polish! I love him. I am very sad at the news of his retiring from the blogosphere. He has accepted a job which will not permit him to blog. To heck with censorship! Arthur, don't leave me! Don't leave us!

This was my first response. I even tried to bribe him! It didn't work. I have had time to think and grieve, albeit not enough. I have come to this conclusion: I am very selfish.

Many people have come and gone on this here blogosphere. That didn't upset me. So why now? Because, Arthur, you are special. You are the tops. You will be sorely missed, but I am sure that as we adjust we will realize you are only doing what is right and best for you. (YOU ARE SO SELFISH!) LOL.

Arthur has given up so much of his time to keep us informed. I am only joking when I call him selfish. I'm the one who is guilty of that. It just comes out, because I am still crying. If you would like to know, DadManly has a very nice farewell for him. I must now go wipe my face...again.

God bless you and keep you, Arthur Chrenkoff. You will remain in my heart and prayers. Thank you for all you have given of yourself so we would know the truth. You will be sorely missed. Don't forget, my e-mail still works! lol.

For the rest of us, Arthur has kept an archive of all his writings about Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. You may find them at the bottom of his sidebar. Godspeed, Arthur. You had better really love this job! :)

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